Untitled Prayer

My heart hurts, as my homes fall apart
From beloved Palestine to (3)Iraq
And I pray to the blessed One up above
To shower them all with mercy and love
To protect the innocent and young
And to end this unnecessary blood shed

I ask the world, to think of every boy and girl
To remember we all breathe the same air
And although it’s all happening “over there”
What we let happen today, will affect us all some day.

Postscript at the Broad

I attended a pretty sweet workshop at the Eli Broad Art Museum at MSU that consisted of exploring their new exhibition PostScript and then attempting our own impressions of it. Here’s what I came up with (in reverse chronological order)!

The Poet’s Pen


Be You


Words of Art


To Have Faith

The idea of having faith is trusting in the One Most Great
Most Merciful, Most Magnificent, Most Just
The Taker, and the Giver; the One who truly knows it all
The One, the Only, from up above.

Trust in the good, the bad, and the mediocre
The happy, the sad, and the neutral
Trust in what’s clear and what’s vague
In all that we love and all we hate

Trust without limits
In the One
Who’s mercy is

Eyes Closed

Have you ever cried with your eyes closed?
With tears dripping off your nose
Or if you’re lying in bed
Into your ears, down your neck and head
Tears of sorrow and grief
Yet waves of painful relief

Eyelids closed tight to try and hide -
Them, but they slip out the sides

Leaving temporary stains
That you hope,
nobody will see.

Answering His Call


Labaik Allahoma Labaik

My Lord, Your house I crave
With its sweet palm trees
And sahaba packed history
I anxiously await the Prophet’s home
And spending time with You alone

The burning hot sun and humidity
Most certainly can’t stop me.

Labaik Allahoma Labaik
All praise is due unto You