A young child of three or four
Lost in his own thoughts
Finds chalk in a lower drawer

Excited he runs into the sun
Finds a lone spot
And, instead of stepping away when he’s done

He cuddles up inside
So he may lay
Next to, and side by side

A mother, no longer there
A reminder to us all:
Who are we to complain

Inspired by a beautiful ad that was inspired by a deeply saddening true story: CHALK

Lesson Learned

My source of news kicked me
And refused to let me be
I fell asleep seeking solace
But he awakens me with a promise
“Arise oh Sawad and listen
Be of the wise in your decision
The Prophet has been sent to us
Providing us with eternal guidance

He did this to me not once but thrice
And each morning I wrote of his advice:

Amazed, I am by jinn and their requests
As they put their camels to the test
Racing towards Mecca seeking light
For the truthful jinn is not like the liar
So go forth and seek the cream of the crop
For the bottom is nowhere near the top

Amazed, I am by jinn and their claims
and how they take their camels by the reins
Racing towards Mecca seeking a guiding star
For the believing jinn are not like the kuffar
So go forth and seek Hashem’s most known
Between the hills and their scattered stone

Amazed, I am by jinn and their spying
And how they take their camels flying
Racing towards Mecca seeking righteousness
For the pious of the jinn are not like the faithless
So go forth and seek the prize of Hashem
And with your very own eyes, take it all in

After the third night when I had risen
I knew that my heart was being tested
So I took my camel and raced toward
the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, abode
I asked for an audience and when it as granted, I spoke:

“My source of news came to me, after I had laid down to sleep
Despite being made of fire, I knew him not to be a liar
Three nights in a row he said to me, a Prophet from Loa’i’s here
So I gathered my bags and battled through the desert sands
To you, I bear witness that there’s only one God,
and you’ve been entrusted with what’s beyond
You are the final messenger so command away
Even if what came to you would turn the youth gray
Please intercede for me on the day,
and do not allow me to be lost and go astray

And so the Prophet peace be upon him was pleased,
so were his companions and it showed in their cheeks

Now I’ll admit this narration is a little unique
And that may be because it’s weak
But from it we glean an important lesson
That true guidance is from the One above, and not us
We are merely an end to the goal, a part of the all
Guidance is out of our control, and we only play a role

If you’re interested in learning more about the story, check it out on Just.Another.Muslim

I was dying…

“First I was dying to finish high school and start college.
And then I was dying to finish college and start working.
And then I was dying to marry and have children.
And then I was dying for my children to grow old enough for school so I could return to work.
And then I was dying to retire.

And now I am dying…

And suddenly I realize I forgot to live.”

- anonymous

Beautiful piece I came across.


Video (shout out to Mariam, my classmate that made the awesomeness): Advice

A friend of mine once asked me for advice
She asked me for advice
On the deen* and its rites
Like did you get that, she asked me for advice!

But before my head got “too” big I thought twice
And remembered a true teacher’s advice
And not just any man -
the man nicknamed the Proof of Islam
the real man – Imam, Alghazali*

When his students asked for tips on this life and the next
He responded with basically a full text
And to paraphrase only some of his points
He said the wise get over themselves
And focus on their own deeds, their own spiritual wealth

They don’t sit there and put their actions on blast
Like I prayed 22 rakahs* and made 16 fasts*
The focus is inward, on the deeds done;
and not so you can instagram, blog, or even tweet

Rather so when you meet your Lord up above
Your actions were done out of sincere love
And nothing requires as much attention
as your pre-action intention

No input is more critical -
when it comes to the permissible
Than the recognition
Of your own submission

We must understand our motivation
Stop to assess our own condition
In every action and every situation

Was I thinking of me, myself, I?
Or a slice of my someones pie?
Or was I focused on attaining His pleasure?
And eternal treasure?

He also reminds us to remember our souls
For this life takes a painful toll
There’s a cost for every indulgence
And we cannot afford…

 © Dua Writes. All Rights Reserved.

Untitled Prayer

My heart hurts, as my homes fall apart
From beloved Palestine to (3)Iraq
And I pray to the blessed One up above
To shower them all with mercy and love
To protect the innocent and young
And to end this unnecessary blood shed

I ask the world, to think of every boy and girl
To remember we all breathe the same air
And although it’s all happening “over there”
What we let happen today, will affect us all some day.

Postscript at the Broad

I attended a pretty sweet workshop at the Eli Broad Art Museum at MSU that consisted of exploring their new exhibition PostScript and then attempting our own impressions of it. Here’s what I came up with (in reverse chronological order)!

The Poet’s Pen


Be You


Words of Art